~ Our Spreads ~

Apricot Macadamia Spread with Toasted Coconut:  An exciting flavor combination!  Sweet coconut, spicy seasonings, juicy fruit and buttery macadamias join together to create an original appetizer to serve as a spread with crackers at any gathering.  A real customer favorite!

Cranberry Citrus Spread with Toasted Hazelnuts:  An incredible burst of flavors to enjoy on crackers or on a crusty sandwich or panini with turkey or chicken.  Also delightful as a morning bagel spread.

Golden Raisin Gorgonzola Spread:  Golden raisins lend some sweetness to this Gorgonzola cheese and herb blend.  Garnished with candied walnuts for a special treat.  Celery or wheat crackers make tasty dippers for this one.

Pear Cardamom Chutney Cheese Spread:  Holiday spices prevail in this seasonal layered dip!  A wonderful contrast between the nutty cheese base and the sweet - with a little heat - chutney topping.  Serve with crackers or flatbreads.  A celebratory treat for family and friends.