~ Dips & Spreads ~

Apricot Macadamia Spread with Toasted Coconut:  Sweet with heat at the end! An original appetizer to serve as a spread with crackers at any gathering. A real customer favorite! 

Artichoke Poblano Dip:  This savory dip offers great flavor depth with artichoke and roasted poblano peppers folded into our special cheese blend. Serve as a dip with seeded wheat crackers or try mixing into some penne pasta (and top with some optional crumbled bacon) for a comforting meal!

Cranberry Hazelnut Spread:  An incredible burst of flavors! Enjoy on crackers or on a crusty sandwich or panini with turkey or chicken. Also delicious as a morning bagel spread. 

Fig Feta Fennel:  New in 2020 and already becoming a favorite!  We especially enjoy this spread with our flax and chia crackers.  Great for serving at your small gatherings with family or your treasured friends! 

Golden Raisin Gorgonzola: Golden raisins lend some sweetness to this Gorgonzola cheese and herb blend.  Garnished with glazed walnuts for a special treat.  Serve with wheat crackers or celery. 

Harvest Pumpkin Dip:  A one-of-a-kind savory dip containing fresh herbs and roasted pumpkin seeds.  We believe this gem is especially delicious when served warm.  Enjoy on crusty pieces of bread or vegetable dippers of your choice.

Roasted Carrot Hummus: The flavors of this new hummus will surprise you!  Warm spices with a touch of heat and brightness!  Delish!!

Roasted Fennel and Sun-dried Tomato Dip:  Starting with the same special blend of cheeses that we use in our popular Artichoke Poblano Dip, we found this roasted fennel and sun-dried tomato combination to be a winner, offering both sweet and savory components.   

Tangy Tarragon Dip:  This Greek yogurt based creamy crafted dip is lower in fat but rich in flavor!  Perfect for serving with vegetables.  Also great with potatoes or seafood! 
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