~ Our Dips ~

Artichoke Poblano Dip:  This savory dip offers great flavor depth with artichoke and roasted poblano peppers folded into our special cheese blend.  Serve as a dip with wheat crackers or spread on top of a juicy steak for a succulent dinner entree!

Cauliflower Peppadew Dip:  Bits of beautifully roasted cauliflower and spicy yet sweet Peppadew peppers are mixed into our tasty combination of cheeses.  It's new as of September 2012 and already a fall favorite! 

Creamy Lime Zest Dip:  A surprising sweet and fresh flavor burst which provides a nice contrast when served on a salty tortilla chip.  Also a novel fruit or dessert dip to enjoy with graham crackers, apples, pineapple, and even ginger cookies.  A favorite for spring and summer entertaining.

Green Pea Mascarpone Dip:  This subtle blend of mascarpone cheese and green peas makes a delicious dip for vegetables, notably carrots.  Also wonderful tossed gently with hot pasta.

Harvest Pumpkin Dip:  A one-of-a-kind savory dip containing fresh herbs and roasted pumpkin seeds.  We believe this gem is especially delicious when served warm.  Enjoy on crusty pieces of bread or vegetable dippers of your choice.

Mushroom Melange Dip:  Porcini, shiitake, and portobella mushrooms come together for a very special treat for mushroom lovers!  This dip possesses incredible depth and flavor.  We will be offering this item during the spring and autumn months when the mushrooms are at their flavor peak and are most abundant.

Roasted Fennel and Sun-dried Tomato Dip:  Starting with the same special blend of cheeses that we use in our popular Artichoke Poblano Dip,  we found this roasted fennel and sun-dried tomato combination to be a winner, offering both sweet and savory components.  

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus:  Our beautiful hummus surprises the taste buds with just a little heat at the end.  As one of our best sellers, its versatility makes it a flavorful and healthy dip for veggies or chips, as well as a delicious sandwich component. 

Spinach Serrano Dip:  Serrano pepper contributes some heat; pineapple adds some sweetness; and balsamic vinegar seems to bring out all the flavors in this original creamy spinach dip. 

Tangy Tarragon Dip:  A vegetable dip for spring!  Features the sweet herbal taste of tarragon, and contains fresh chopped shallots, capers, and fresh citrus juice and zest.  Also wonderful with potatoes or seafood!

Thyme Peppercorn Dip:  This sour cream-based dip for vegetables also pairs quite nicely with potato chips as well as baked potatoes.  Loaded with chopped fresh herbs and onions with the glorious kick of mixed

Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Dip:  Sumptuous served with fresh berries or Honey Crisp apple slices.  Take to your next apple-picking event or set out as a tasty brunch snack with cinnamon raisin bagel chips or dried banana chips.  Guests will love to nibble while beverages are being poured!